Detransition, Baby - Torrey Peters

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Torrey Peters' new novel is a milestone, but it is also a masterpiece of trans literature that this bookseller simply could not put down until she finished (and as of this blurb's writing is fatigued from staying up far too late reading it).

The novel follows Reese, a trans woman who desperately wants to be a mother, and Ames, her detransitioned former lover who has a surprise baby of his own on the way with his new cis partner, Katrina. The plot of the novel concerns whether and how these three people might raise the child together. Contained within this thorny narrative are characters whose self-deceptions occasion an earnest affection, whose sexual and emotional histories are as fraught as they are moving, and whose determination to make their own imperfect future is completely engrossing. This book is beautiful, and sad, and hilarious. But most of all, this book is honest and true, and you should read it.